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Past Programs

Past Program

Manantial Neighbourhood Services Inc. has partnered with United Way Greater Toronto and the Government of Canada to offer a unique youth program that can be joined online.

‘Breakthrough’ is a virtual Youth Outreach Program designed to improve the lives of youth by providing educational support and mental wellness. The program will help set youth up for success at school and for their future endeavours.  Hispanic youth who are facing challenges, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in the Toronto and Vaughan area of York Region are welcome to join and build the necessary skills to attribute in their new academic year. Learning online will give you more control over your decisions.

Team Talk
Youth Outreach
Online Program

Our Virtual Youth Courses included:

  • Math Skills: studying, practicing, and improving your mental math skills in order to enhance the learning of math fundamentals.

  • Language arts and social studies: tune into reading and writing, practice the basics, explore the people, places and stories of the world we live in - both past and present.

  • Counselling sessions: One-on-One Talk therapy sessions

  • Monthly online webinars and group discussions: mental health, nutrition, wellbeing, substance misuse, educational organization, and post-secondary guidelines, among others.



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