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New Program


Manantial Neighbourhood Services Inc. has partnered with the Government of Canada and the Canadian Women’s Foundation, to offer a unique online program for Hispanic female youth and women. Through the ‘Empowering Girls, Young Ladies and Women’ support online program, we are educating female youth and women to break barriers of gender-based violence. Our objective is to assist in improving mental and physical wellness.

The ‘Empowering Girls, Young Ladies and Women’ program, includes counselling, One-on-One therapy sessions, emotional support, and bi-weekly virtual support group. The program is designed to empower hispanic youth and women in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, we will be addressing themes such as gender equality awareness, resilience, building self-esteem, leadership, life development skills, and providing safety and security. By working together, we will aim to improve women’s quality of life and provide more opportunities for them. Each program will be tailored to each age group. 

Once you register, you will receive an email with the dates in which the program will be held during the course of the month. Here is the following information about our programs:

Tuesday: 6:00 PM

(by Google Meet)

Empowering Girls

Meet weekly program (15-18)

Tuesday: 7:00 PM

(by Zoom)

Empowering Women

Meet bi-weekly program (19+)

Counselling and Emotional Support by Appointment.



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