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Donate Giving

Make a gift of stocks or other investments:

Contact our office and we will be glad to make giving stocks or other investments a smooth process for you.

Give a legacy:

You may want to include MNSI in your will or name it as a beneficiary in a retirement account or life insurance policy.  Putting MNSI in your estate plans is an easy and loving way to ensure you are providing for the continued work of MNSI.  There are many other ways to give, some with benefits to you during your lifetime.  And often you discover you can give more than you thought you could.  To determine what works best for you and your family, contact your financial advisor.

If you'd like to talk over your plans with MNSI, please contact Carlos Andres Jerez, MNSI's Financial Officer, or Lucy Maestre, MNSI's Executive Director, at 416-915-0997 or 905-851-7076.

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It is through the support of funding partners and donors, and through the hard work and dedication of staff and volunteers, that Manantial has been able to continue its mission of service.  Thank you! 



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