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Our History

Ongoing Programs


Councelling and Advocacy for Women Victims of Violence

Seniors Program:

Monday and Saturday

Support for Young Mothers:

Peer Nutrition Program

York Region Transit/ VIVA

Tickets Program

MNSI staff and volunteers have been involved in providing crisis intervention and other programs and services to primarily Hispanic immigrants in the Downsview area of Toronto since 1997.


In April 2004, a meeting was held with various leaders from the local community –among them from local churches, high schools, the Toronto Police Service, elected officials and others –during which it was decided that these programs and services should be expanded and enhanced through access to new sources of funding.   Manantial Neighbourhood Services was thus formally incorporated as a non-profit organization with the name “Manantial Neighbourhood Services Inc.”  “Manantial” is the Spanish word for "source" or "spring" of natural, running water, reflecting the organization’s commitment to providing hope to the people it serves.


In 2013, aware of the growing need for crisis intervention and newcomer integration services for primarily Latin American immigrants north of Toronto, MNSI expanded to a new office serving residents in the City of Vaughan.


Since 2004, MNSI staff has helped many “at risk” individuals, especially immigrant youth, women, and seniors, to better integrate into Canadian society and become active and productive members of society.

MNSI receives the majority of its funding from two levels of government, as well as from individual donors, foundations and local churches.



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