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Manantial Neighbourhood Services Inc. is focused on delivering programs for seniors that improve their physical, mental, spiritual and economic well-being.


Manantial provides seniors in the local community with the skills required to assume leadership roles within their families and to create a support structure for their children and grandchildren, impacting all lives in a positive manner, promoting their individual growth, and engaging them in activities that will contribute to their individual fulfillment and that of their communities.

For information about the seniors programs offered by Manantial, contact us at 416-915-0997 or 905-851-7076.

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Expand your knowledge of Canadian and Indigenous history, people, culture, heritage and practices that
by way of in-person or virtual learning opportunities.

The “Know Your Roots!” seniors program is intended to provide Hispanic seniors from the local community with a weekly and unique program. Its purpose is to expand their knowledge of Canadian and Indigenous history, people, culture, heritage and practices by way of in-person or virtual learning opportunities. This program will support the social participation and inclusion of seniors, promote seniors’ digital literacy, and enhance their leadership and facilitation skills while increasing their social connectedness and mindfulness post-COVID-19.

Seniors will be actively involved in the study of publications such as “Remembering the Children" from the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation to honour the resilience and restoration of First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples’ culture and learning together about truth and reconciliation. Through weekly Virtual and In-Person meetings, this program is directed to offer cultural understanding to better address and dismantle the systemic barriers that exist for Indigenous peoples. At the same time, seniors will be provided with the opportunity to become empathetic and gain an appreciation for Indigenous culture, and diversity of traditions, along with learning about the individual and collective role in reconciliation. Additionally, this program aims to provide seniors with methods on how to celebrate unity in a diverse manner, helping to create a safe space for others to understand and welcome the practices of Indigenous peoples.

This program serves to collaborate with diverse communities, such as low-income seniors, people with disabilities, and members of racialized and newcomer groups. Furthermore, as a community, we can continue to grow regarding the ways that Indigenous issues are addressed by advancing Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and reducing the stigma often associated with the Indigenous culture. This program will aim to promote the collaboration between seniors and mentors who have personal experiences with the Indigenous population, through various learning sessions, seminars, Eventbrite webinars on Indigenous knowledge, Reconciliation Awareness, and excursions to the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Feheley Fine Arts Galery and McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

The “Know Your Roots!” program is offered weekly, either in-person Saturdays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at Manantial's Downsview (Toronto) location (1875 Sheppard Ave. West), or virtually on Mondays from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (in both cases, contact us at 416-915-0997 or 905-851-7076 for more information) in the form of educational and informative meetings, video presentations, guest speakers and creative activities addressing Indigenous peoples' cultural history,


The program aims to strengthen seniors’ networks through active participation and engagement while breaking down barriers and combating negative stereotypes. Moreover, the program will contribute to participants' overall learning and skill acquisition.



Call 416-915-0997 and ask for intake. Our intake worker can answer any questions you may have about the program and will also ask you some questions about yourself to determine eligibility. Once you are determined to be eligible, the Seniors Coordinator will be in contact with you to complete your application form and discuss the details of the program with you. 

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