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Parenting Support Program

MNSI understands that being a teenager maybe a difficult time for many because they are changing, both emotionally and physically.  In addition, youth who are recent immigrants face additional challenges in adapting to new customs and traditions, and in making new friends.  As a result, they may feel confused or depressed, causing them to isolate themselves from their family and other supports.  They may become confrontational with their parents and peers or engage in a variety of negative behaviours.


What about your Kids? is a parenting support program that educates parents of youth between the ages of 13 and 18 years old about youth-related issues and provides active support to parents through workshops on stress and anger management, age-appropriate discipline, parent leadership, communication and depression.


Participants receive support to guide them in the implementation of the ideas and concepts discussed during the workshops.  They benefit from having a support infrastructure to rely on and to assist them in their active and positive integration into the community.


MNSI provides a gym for after-program sports activities.

Parenting Support Program
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